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Sin Slayers: A Dark Fantasy Roguelike With a Twist

When I first heard about Sin Slayers, my interest was already piqued. Fantasy roguelikes are already a favorite of mine, and the darker setting gave me Diablo-esque vibes that pulled me right in. But while those were the initial features that drew me in, that’s not where the game looks like it will really shine.

Many roleplaying games have an alignment system nowadays, but Sin Slayers has another take on the system. Rather than choosing good or evil, you choose a level of sinfulness. The sinfulness mechanic is linked to your behavior in the game. Do bad things and your sinfulness will increase. The concept is simple, but its impact on the game is not. The more sinful you are, the harder the game gets. Encounters with monsters will be more dangerous and in an already dangerous game? It could quickly turn deadly.

But the additional difficulty isn’t just a punishment. The more sinful you are, the more rewards you will reap for your efforts. Sin Slayers makes sure that you get rewarded if you can make it through the game’s hardest obstacles.

The dynamic difficulty system in Sin Slayers sounds like it makes for great replayability. There’s still another huge draw for me though, and that’s the story. While not a lot of it has been revealed so far, future players aren’t the only ones in the dark. The characters themselves don’t know why they are in the Valley of Fallen Sinners and will be facing the same twists and turns that players do.

Between the choice-based difficulty system, the dark setting, and the enigma of a story, Sin Slayers is shaping up to be a great new entry into the roguelike landscape. Are you excited for its release? I know that I can’t wait to play it.

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