Shooting has wrapped for Star Wars: Episode IX

Principal photography has officially wrapped for Star Wars: Episode IX according to a tweet from J.J. Abrams who has returned to the franchise as screenwriter, director and producer for the film. You can see the tweet from Abrams below:

John Boyega also shared his thoughts on both Twitter and Instagram. “It really has been a dream come true,” wrote Boyega in a tweet.

Both tweets included a photo of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in an emotional embrace after their work on the Star Wars trilogy is mostly completed. Interestingly enough, the location appears to be a desert environment which makes me wonder if the story will take us back to Jakku.

It should be noted that wrapping up the shoot does not necessarily mean that the actors are finished. Movies of this scale often require reshoots of certain scenes or fresh dialogue for the editors to insert into the film.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the film outside of the cast and crew. We don’t even know what the subtitle is yet. My guess is that the movie’s full title will be announced in April – possibly at CinemaCon. Star Wars: Episode IX will premiere on December 20th, 2019.

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