Shadow of Mordor 2 Leaked by Stuntwoman

According to a recent resume posting by a Stuntwoman, we may be seeing the next installment of Shadow of Mordor at this year’s E3. This comes after the relatively well known information that Monolith, the studio behind the first Shadow of Mordor, was working on an unannounced project.


The first Shadow of Mordor game was a huge success, and even won several game of the year awards from Gaming sites. The game revolutionized AI, as it introduced the ‘Nemesis’ system, an intricate web of interconnected AI components which made the game incredibly detailed and realistic.

The game also may feature Lithariel, a character introduced in the first game via DLC. We will keep you up to date if any solid news comes out in this regard, as for now you can start getting ready to walk into Mordor again.

Shadow of Mordor is available on Xbox One and other platforms.

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