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Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Webpage Provides New Details

Sea of Thieves‘ new expansion, The Hungering Deep, is almost here. Ahead of its release, Rare has put up a new Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep webpage, providing some more information on this content update and what it’s bringing.

Here’s all the details from the new Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep webpage

Coming May 29th, follow the trail of riddles and rumours to piece together what happened to ‘Merry’ Merrick, the proud owner of a pair of matching peg legs. Along the way, discover new features like the drum, ship’s flags, speaking trumpet (for shouting at other pirates) and selectable tattoos and scars (for looking good while shouting at other pirates)!

These items will remain in-game but the campaign is only around for a limited time, so join the hunt now to experience The Hungering Deep in full and earn exclusive rewards that only those who unravel Merrick’s tale can enjoy. Perhaps a new arrival in your nearest tavern can set you on the trail…

  • New Threat! Such a monstrous peril won’t be easily vanquished. The risk of encountering it out at sea will live on.
  • Drums! On the Sea of Thieves, it pays to bang your own drum. Pirate percussionists can let loose with this new instrument and play shanties with a bit more impact.
  • Speaking Trumpets! All that drumming drowning out your orders? Use the new speaking trumpet to be heard at a distance and find other crews on the same voyage.
  • Flags! Discover a new way to signal your intentions to other crews. Forge new friendships, or find new foes…
  • Tattoos and Scars! The Hungering Deep expands the vanity chest: choose your tattoos and scars to tell your own pirate story.

So, it looks like the new monster is tied to a sort of timed campaign, though it’ll be present even after the event is over. Service games generally do well drawing players in with timed events, so if Rare continues these planned updates and timed events on a regular basis, Sea of Thieves should benefit from it.

Samuel Tolbert
Samuel Tolberthttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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