Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Sails With 10 Million Players

Rare Studios has shared some great news with Sea of Thieves players today. The game has officially had 10 million players jump in. That’s an amazing feat that should be shared with all gamers.

Starting on January 15th the game will be getting an update that celebrates the players who have become “Legend”. This update will be bringing a new NPC into the fold, along with a few things that need to be fixed. Next week we should be getting a full list of what will be coming out in the January update. Players who log in between January 15th and January 22nd will be getting a couple of items to celebrate the fact Sea of Thieves has 10 million players. Players will be getting a custom sail and a custom emote to use.

The game started out with some uncertainty that it would continue to grow. Yet, with all the support from the players Rare has been able to build this game into something truly special. Players can find Sea of Thieves in the Xbox Store for Xbox One and PC, or the game is available to play with the Xbox Game Pass. Personally, I think you should just spend the cash on the game.

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