Sea of Thieves Presents the Museum of More Pirate

Sea of Thieves is now live in quite a few countries around the world and to help kick things off, Rare have recruited none other than Sean Astin. In this cinematic trailer, he shows off artifacts, bananas and a surprisingly friendly Kraken, all in the Museum of More Pirate.

Check out the trailer below, where Sea of Thieves presents the Museum of More Pirate:

Welcome to the Museum of More Pirate. Throughout these glorious halls, our curator pays homage to the most legendary legends to ever unfurl on the open sea. And there’s plenty of room for more tales to be told. What will your legend be? #BeMorePirate

I have to say, I love the creativity in this ad. Paying homage to The Goonies just feels right, given the type of adventure Sea of Thieves calls players to embark on.

Sea of Thieves releases on March 20th, which is either right around the corner or already happening depending on your time zone. If you’d like some more information about the game, you can check out our beta impressions here. Remember, Sea of Thieves is also available via Xbox Game Pass. May the wind be in your sails, pirates.

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