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Screen Gems to Develop a Slender Man Movie

The Slender Man hides in the darkness waiting for our children. He stalks them until its to late, beware the Slender Man. See I can write a cool description of a possible Slender Man movie. It’s just that Screen Gems has already beaten me to it.

The studio behind such classics as Hostel, and the Underworld series is going to develop a movie based on the internet horror icon Slender Man. It will be based off a script written by David Birke with a scheduled  date of production for fall 2016 and a release in 2017. If you’re unsure what the Slender Man is check out the gallery below.

The character is from an original internet horror story. Created in a Something Awful forum contest, the new horror icon has exploded. From numerous games and lore it was only a matter of time before the faceless man in the suit had his own movie. How do you feel about this movie news? Let us know in the comment section below.


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