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Rumor:EA Horse Racing to be Revealed at EA Play London

Update: No game was announced.

I play just about every sports game at least once. Currently I’m so burnt out on Madden that I might actually take this game up if it is real. Teased on Peter Moore’s Twitter account is possibly a new EA Sports title that could be coming to consoles. It would be an EA Horse Racing title if this picture is correct.


This years E3 will be huge in the fact that not every company is doing the normal shows. EA has opted to do EA Play in L.A. and London this year. It seems that reaching out the fans is something they are looking to do. I honestly don’t know if this is true or not just because of the pure fact E3 starts tomorrow. I mean it doesn’t seem like EA wouldn’t want to make some kind of horse racing game. The Kentucky Derby is huge in America, also the fact no one is really doing it doesn’t hurt. Adding jockeys with different ratings like the players in Madden could make this game fun. Mixing between the horse and the rider might add some spice to the same old world of EA Sports.

Let us know what you think about the possible idea of a EA Horse racing game at this years EA Play event in the comment section below. ┬áNow since this Tweet doesn’t really do anything other then show us a picture of a Jockey riding a horse, we can’t say that a game is being made. That is why this is just going to be classified as a rumor until the EA Play event. Also don’t forget to bookmark TICGN.com for all your gaming needs.



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