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Rumor: This Could be a Leaked Slim PS4

Today the internet is buzzing with the possibility that we have leaked photos of the new Slim PS4. The pictures have been leaked from a UK auction site Gumtree.  The pure fact that this is happening right after the release of the Xbox One S could be taken half seriously. The photos have been brought to us from the ever popular site NeoGaf. After viewing the images extensively, the design is indeed a bit slimmer with a traditional jet black finish along with a change of shape to rounded edges. Now the original PS4 had the sharpened edges. The specs of this PS4 have not been shown.

If you click the gallery below you can see the size differences from the original PS4 to the new Slim system.   The Twitter user Shortman82 has stated in a tweet that he will have more information on the new Slim PS4.T his apparently will including actual video of the console. Most gamers remember that leaked Nintendo controller not to long ago. That leak was found to be fake within a few days. Hopefully in the next few days we should have more information regarding this system.

Let us know how you feel about this news in the comment section below.

PS4 Slim Gallery

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