Rumor: Potential Microsoft Game Road Map Leaks

An image has surfaced on the internet displaying what could potentially be Microsoft’s game lineup for the next year. Originally posted on the Xbox One subreddit, the post was removed and then reposted on the Halo subreddit where an even higher quality image was found.

Xbox Games 2018 2019 Road map

Like the title of the post says, this should be considered a rumor. No official word has come from Microsoft regarding the validity of the image. That being said some of the content on the image has a bit of weight.

A few weeks ago we reported that Microsoft was working on a new IP titled Dark Tide. The news came from the author of the Dark Tide who mistakenly let the word out on Twitter of a partnership with Microsoft. The short story Dark Tide would be used as the basis of a new first party title by Microsoft. With the author basically hinting at an early production schedule, a release year of 2019 is not to hard to imagine like the leaked image suggests.

Halo could also potentially release next year. Most Halo games tend to have a three year development cycle. The only roadblock to this theory is that Microsoft usually delivers a cinematic trailer a year before release and at this years E3 we received no information on a new Halo title. Maybe Microsoft has been burned with Halo 5 and the misleading ad campaign. Another possibility could be that this new Halo game requires more time in development. Whatever the case is, a 2018 release date seems unlikely for a brand Microsoft loves to advertise strongly.

Crimson Skies being on the list is where you have to start stretching your imagination. The closest sign pointing towards a new Crimson Skies is the re release of the original game thanks to OG Xbox emulation coming later this year. A sequel for a game that hasn’t proven itself seems unlikely coming from Microsoft. In the past the team at Xbox has stated that the future of Phantom Dust is based on how well the re release does. Seeing Crimson Skies suddenly just receive a sequel would go against Microsoft’s methods of approving new titles.

Ninja Gaiden, Dead Rising, and Dino Crisis are a shot in the dark. Sure there will most likely be a new Dead Rising game in the future. That is practically all but confirmed based on how much Capcom has backed the game the last few years. Dino Crisis on the other hand would be a miracle to ever see on an E3 stage. It’s a move Sony would more than likely play seeing as how they actually make miracles come true (See FF7 and Shenmue 3). Ninja Gaiden by Koei Tecmo also seems implausible. Tecmo is currently reaping off the success of Nioh and is currently heading in a new direction with the company.

Whatever the case may be regarding the accuracy of this list are, we will update this story appropriately as new information arrives. Please follow us @TiCGameNetwork on Twitter and Facebook.

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