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(RUMOR) New Splinter Cell Coming With Michael Ironside

The guys over at NeoGaf are back with another rumor, this time regarding the future of Splinter Cell. The leaker’s source says that a new game in the series is coming; Michael Ironside is also returning to voice Sam Fisher. This news should be more than enough to water fans’ mouths as Ironside didn’t return for the last installment, disappointing almost the entire fan base.

The leaker says that he ran into Ironside within Ubisoft last summer. The leaker also says that Ironside was talking about returning to Splinter Cell while on the set of a recent movie; it seems like Ironside is excited to come back to the role if he’s bragging about it on other projects. Ironside has voiced Sam Fisher since 2002, his voice has become one of the most iconic elements of the series. So it came as quite a shock to the fans when he wasn’t returning to 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. There was a large backlash against the recast and it seems like Ubisoft listened.

The leaker goes onto say that he was surprised the new Splinter Cell wasn’t shown at this year’s E3. However, he is not sure exactly how far into development the game is; he has yet to get anything on the game besides the fact that it exists. Perhaps it is still too early to show the public, if we’re lucky we could see it at next year’s E3. Ubisoft’s release schedule for the latter half of 2017 is currently unknown, so it could easily fit in there.

To give credibility to this leak, the leaker has previously leaked info on Watch Dogs 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate that was proven to be correct. While this isn’t confirmation of this new Splinter Cell‘s existence, it does make it seem very likely. Splinter Cell: Blacklist sold over two million copies back in 2013; while this was under Ubisoft’s expectations, it is definitely enough to warrant another entry in the series.


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