Microsoft to Talk Next-Generation Hardware at E3

Rumor: Microsoft to Talk Next-Generation Hardware at E3 2019, Halo Infinite to Feature RPG Elements

It’s not even March, yet the rumors for E3 2019 are already spinning up. According to Brad Sams of, we can expect Microsoft to talk next-generation hardware at E3 2019. With that said, don’t expect the next Xbox devices to actually release until fall 2020. Brad also says that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for Scarlett, with a focus placed on RPG (role-playing game) elements.

Brad wrote the following:

Last year, the company teased Halo Infinite and that title will be a launch game for the upcoming hardware. With a brand new game engine, the team behind the game is trying to make the story adapt to decisions the user makes and the game may have more RPG (role-playing game) elements than prior versions of the series.

Saying a game will have “RPG elements” is perhaps a bit broad of a statement however, this kind of evolution in the franchise could be what Halo Infinite needs, regardless of the form it takes.

Brad Sams has previously shared information on the existence of the Scarlett family of devices, the rumored codename for Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox hardware. Brad also broke news of a disc-less Xbox One, which is supposed to release sometime in 2019.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments for this rumor, as well as covering everything announced at E3 2019.

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