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Rumor: July Games With Gold Leaked

Neogaf user ekim was the source of many Xbox related leaks before E3 2016 hit, all of his leaks were proven to be real and now it looks like he’s back at it.

Ekim claims that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Banner Saga 2 will be two of July’s Games with Gold. He goes onto say that he has enough “evidence” to be 99% sure of Banner Saga 2 being part of the program.

Ekim also believes Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate will be the second game available next month, but he doesn’t have as much evidence supporting that.

It is definitely believable that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will be apart of the GWG program. The first game in that series was available before and both games were given away with new copies of Rainbow Six: Siege. Vegas 2 still holds up after all of these years, so it’d be great to have some life brought back into that game.

With July quickly approaching, we will found out that month’s Games With Gold soon enough. Will ekim be right yet again or have his sources failed him, only time will tell.

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