RUMOR: “Huge” Remake Coming Exclusively to Xbox One and Windows 10

We’re just a week before E3 and the leaks/rumors are starting to hit big time. The latest leak comes from NeoGaf, where an insider is claiming that a “huge exclusive remake” is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. The leaker also says that it’s a third party game being funded by Microsoft, so this rules out 1st party franchises.


The leaker also gave an additional hint as to what the game may be: “It’s a great game to play for when the weather outside is frightful”. There are currently many theories about what this game may be including Left 4 Dead and Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. But the most likely candidate is Dead Rising, there have been a ton of rumors about that series getting a new game soon as well as a rumor do Capcom making an exclusive game for Microsoft. All of this points to Dead Rising.

With Microsoft’s E3 presentation being next week, we should be getting confirmation on what this mystery game will be very soon. TICGN will be here to cover the game and everything else announced at E3 2016.

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