Rumor: Horizon Zero Dawn Delayed to 2017

According to a well known source on Twitter, Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the most anticipated titles on PlayStation 4 was delayed to 2017 due to ongoing development delays thanks in part to the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo. According to the leak they will include the new ‘Neo Mode’ which will allow games to be upscaled to 4K on the new PlayStation 4.

The Development documents for the new PlayStation 4 leaked earlier this week confirming a long rumored upgrade to the current PlayStation console. This will be the first game delay because of this new console. The console will feature upgraded internals which will allow gamers to play games in either upscaled or native 4K. However the new console may not have any exclusive content over the original PlayStation 4. The official name of the new console is still unknown, but was dubbed ‘Neo’ after the codename Sony has given it.

Horizon Zero Dawn was scheduled to release this year. We expect Sony to give firmer details on the launch of this game at this year’s E3. Keep it locked on TiCGN for more information as it becomes available.

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