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Rumor: Battlefield 5 Leak Hints at June Reveal and December Release Date

Battlefield 5 isn’t the best kept secret in the gaming world, but speculations are rife and it goes without saying take this with a grain of salt. A supposed leak was posted in a NeoGAF thread that consists of speculative images, again, we don’t know if the source is reliable or not. Two of mentioned images appear to be unfinished posters or invitations that suggest the next franchise iteration is supposedly called Battlefield 5: Eastern Front, which is scheduled to be revealed on June 12.

battlefield 5 reveal date










battlefield 5 title imageWhile some speculated that Battlefield 5 will take place during WWI (because who doesn’t love the Red Baron and trench warfare), it appears that DICE has a futuristic setting in mind. However, it’s still unclear whether this installment will be a spiritual successor of Battlefield 2142.



















The leaked image does reveal a  December 5, 2016 released date, found at the top of the document. The picture also suggests that DICE will be transporting players to a futuristic setting rather than the Battle of the Bulge (WWI). First off, Russia/Soviet Union appears to be the main adversary in the game, debunking WWI settings rumors since Russia fought alongside the Allied Forces.

The second subject, Battlefield 5: Fallen Dragon, appears to be DLC content that “furthers the story of the World War that is taking place between a retreating US and advancing Pan Asian Coalition,” possibly revealing another antagonist in the noted Coalition. Since the second point states, “furthers the story” does this mean that the DLC could include single player content as well?

The third subject title mentions futuristic weapons and a new game mode called “Vehicle Superiority” that pits two teams to fight for air and land control of the map. This again discredits WWI setting rumors and very well supports a futuristic backdrop.

The last point suggests a new game mode called “Titan Conquest,” but no details were leaked. This mode could possibly be the same or similar to the Titan game mode found in Battlefield 2142.

Again, take all this with a massive grain of salt, this is the internet after all. Battlefield 5 is rumored to have 2016 release date. I guess we will all have to wait until June 12 to see if the leak is real.

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