Rocket League Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

During Nintendo’s 2017 E3 conference, we got a look at a trailer for Rocket League on the Switch. This port of the popular physics based sports game from Psyonix will feature cross-network play. There will also be customization items exclusive to this version.

As I have played the game myself, I know that the game has had a few upgrades over the years. While it originally included soccer with up to 4v4 matches, it now has a variety of other modes. These include hockey, irregular arenas, basketball, and an odd twist on volleyball. For those who are unable to play online, the game has single player options with bots. These bots also fill empty slots during online matches. For those who feel more competitive, the title includes a ranked mode.

While Rocket League features lots of visual customization options, these have no impact on the performance of the player’s car. This maintains gameplay balance and keeps victory in the hands of those who have the most skill.

The Switch version of Rocket League has a target release period of 2017’s holiday season.

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