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Rock Band 4 to be Super Stacked with Songs

While COD, FIFA and GTA will continue to be the definitive games in their respective genres (and kings of abbreviations) the music games will always duke it out for supremacy and “Rock Band 4” seems to have responded to “Guitar Hero: Lives'” many new features with a tried and tested method of shifting copies, highly publicized track lists. But something rather different to normal, instead of a few names and tracks announced this is about numbers.

1700 songs (incl. DLC) have been promised to people who buy the game if they so desire and those DLC won’t be periodically released either, that’s from day one people. And for people who’ve stayed within the same console family for previous games then you’re in for a treat, all of those songs you had are added immediately to RB4 free of charge.

So it looks like the music game competition is still very much fair game but to me it seems that gameplay innovation might give “Guitar Hero: Live” the edge but if I could tell the future I would be on Wall Street not the internet.

“Rock Band 4” is released for the Xbox One and PS4 on October 6th, just in time for it to go down in price for Christmas.


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