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Rise of the Tomb Raider Endurance Mode and DLC Plans Detailed

Microsoft Studios has unveiled its first new mode and DLC plans for Rise of the Tomb Raider which features a survivalist Endurance Mode which will be released Dec 29th for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Endurance mode is all about survival. You start with nothing in this mode.¬†Microsoft stated that Lara must scavenge and craft from make-shift resources you come across in the wilderness. Microsoft dubbed this new mode Lara’s “Ultimate woman-versus-wild test” to see how long players can survive while facing harsh conditions, vicious enemies, and ferocious beasts. You find, craft, scavenge everything you come across because supplies will help you survive this unforgiving mode.¬†Players can also fight for leaderboard ranks with their long survival runs.

Even more DLC is coming soon to Rise of the Tomb Raider!

Announced at the Game Awards, Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch DLC has received more details regarding its story. Lara Croft is on the hunt for a missing man who enters a “forbidden forest” in Sibera that is said to be haunted by a witch by the name of Baba Yaga. That definitely explains the hallucinations seen in the Baba Yaga reveal. This DLC is to feature hours of gameplay and features new enemies and a new puzzle filled tomb to explore. Baba Yaga is the first story DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider and will be released in early 2016.

A new DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider called Cold Darkness Awakened features a new Horde-type mode with waves of bloodthirsty, zombie-like enemies and predators. This occurs when a decommissioned Cold War research facility becomes unearthed, releasing and infecting beasts and men to become mindless, relentless killers. The Cold Darkness Awakened DLC will be released in 2016.

The Endurance Mode, Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch DLC, and Cold Darkness Awakened DLC are all part of Rise of the Tomb Raiders Season Pass but will be available as standalone DLC. The game will also receive more new card packs, outfits and skins as DLC in 2016.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is currently available for Xbox One and Xbox 360. It will come to PC in early 2016 and to PS4 in Holiday 2016.


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