The evil, body-building dragon from RingFit Adventure.

RingFit Adventure: Nintendo’s New Exercise Game

Earlier this week, you might have seen Nintendo’s teaser trailer for a “new experience” on the Switch. Today, Nintendo revealed that RingFit Adventure is the title of the new game.

What makes RingFit Adventure different from Nintendo’s previous exercise games? For one thing, this isn’t just an exercise game. While the core gameplay does involve movement, this isn’t a game where a trainer stands on the screen telling you what to do. Instead, the game is just what is says – an adventure. The movements that you’ll be performing will be guiding you through a fantasy world, fighting foes and saving the day.

Confused on how this works? Let me explain. You play RingFit Adventure with the help of two new controller types. The first is the Ring-Con, which is a large hoop with soft side-handles and a holder for your Joy-Con. The Ring-Con is force-sensing, meaning it can tell when you’re pushing or pulling it and can be used for a wide variety of actions. The second controller is the Leg Strap. This is simply a holster for your other Joy-Con that goes around your leg and senses lower body movement. The two of them used in tandem control your character as you progress through the game.

Don’t be worried that you won’t be able to play RingFit Adventure due to your fitness level. The Ring-Con can be adjusted to easier or harder levels and the leg strap seems sensitive to many different movements. No matter how often you work out, even if that’s never, you should be good to go.

The game’s main story mode is about trying to save the world from an evil, body-building dragon. This not only sounds hilarious but like a pretty fun concept as well. Like most adventure games, as you progress you will level up and unlock new skills. Skills in RingFit Adventure take the form of new kinds of workout abilities that you can perform and deal different types of damage to enemies.

That’s not the only mode of the game though. There’s also a quickplay mode, minigames, and sets. To learn more about RingFit Adventure, you can watch the trailer below. The game will be available on October 18<supth for the price of $79.99 including the game, Ring-Con, and Leg Strap.

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