Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty are coming back in May

We have a little over a month until the rest of the current season of Rick and Morty returns. The date and new trailer have announced this week. This is defiantly a show we could all use right now. Look for the show to return on May 3rd on Adult Swim.


Fans of the show will be excited to see the final five episodes of the fourth season. The show truly is one of the better things to watch on your TV. You can watch Rick and Morty on Hulu, Sling, or Amazon Prime. The last one you have to purchase the seasons. The last episode aired on December 15, 2019. If you haven’t seen any episodes and refuse to use a streaming service, you can still see the show. Adult Swim is doing a 24/7 marathon on their website. The link to the site is provided above.

Players may be excited that the Playstation 4 is getting another timed exclusive. I doubt that most players are excited since it’s just another Call of Duty remaster. You can read more about that by clicking this link here.

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