Review: ‘Wondershot’ (Steam)

Wondershot is a local multiplayer battle arena that was released last month for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. By French developer Leikir Studio, it’s an enjoyable party game that is available in both single and multiplayer, but is meant mostly for multi. The menu greets you with Adventure (Solo and Multi) and Battle (Multi). Adventure has two choices: Challenge, which unlocks new maps and is a solo only game, and Endless, an ongoing wave fight that can be done alone or with friends. This is a review for the PC version of Wondershot.

Multiplayer Wondershot


The first thing you notice from the title page is that Wondershot has detailed, cartoonish graphics. They’re a lot of fun and fit the tone of the game perfectly. The characters are cute and tough looking at the same time. My only issue was that you play by looking down on the arena so you lose some of the enjoyable graphics there. But I do concede, it never loses the overall cute, cartoon feel.


This was my favorite part of Wondershot. All of it, the music, voices, and sound effects fit into the style of the game. The music is catchy and the voice actors really got the tone of Wondershot. Each voice fits the character, even if they’re yelling “Tonight, you dine in hell!” at one another. I also loved the fact that after a multiplayer battle, I could have my character applause. I would purposefully make mine slow clap at my friend. It’s a nice touch too that each weapon has it’s own sound effect.


The controls for Wondershot are VERY straightforward. It’s an extremely easy game to learn, making it great for anyone to pick up at a party. I imagine even my parents could play this one. Throughout the map, there are boosts for your weapons but you do have to be careful not to miss with your attacks! If you do, you drop your weapon and it has to be picked up. This adds to a bit of the chaos in multiplayer, but let’s talk a little about solo gameplay first.


For solo, you have the choice of playing Challenge or Endless. Challenge is solo-only and simple. You have different arenas where it’s either timed, survival, or brawl. With completed challenges comes unlocked arena maps for your Battles. At the end of each competition, it shows how well you did but also compares your performance to the developers, with an invitation to try to beat them. Endless is pretty straight forward but available as solo and multiplayer. I personally preferred Challenge but I tried both of these modes solo. I think Endless would be a lot more enjoyable with a buddy or two to help you get to further waves.


Multiplayer can get very chaotic, very fast. You’re thrown into an arena with 1-3 other people and told to fight. Getting hit once knocks you out of the current game, so you have to be careful to dodge your friends while also attacking. It’s a race to the boosts and, if you miss, a race to grab your dropped weapon. Before the start of the battle, choose your rules and gameplay to decide how you win.

I would really recommend playing it with 3-4 people though as I only had the opportunity to play with one person recently. The games were over quickly and without much to-do. It seems though that it would be a lot more chaotic and, as a result, a lot more fun, the more people you have.

Endless Wondershot


Wondershot was quite enjoyable overall. Solo did seem to be an afterthought, but that’s not why you would buy Wondershot. It’s meant as a party game and it really does deliver for that. I only wish that you could play this online; I have a few long distance friends who I would love to play with. I can only imagine the headset yelling that would be the result.

If you have a group of friends coming over sometime soon though, I would definitely consider checking Wondershot out for any of the available platforms.

*Reviewer finished and/or played the game to such an extent to give an informed opinion on the game and its content

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