Review : The Totally Awesome Hulk Vol. 1: Cho Time

Most current Marvel comic book readers know that there is a new Hulk. The real question is can he beloved as the OG? Find out in this review of The Totally Awesome Hulk.


TICGN The Totally Awesome Hulk

The Totally Awesome Hulk Vol. 1: Cho Time collects Issues 1-4. The events of this particular book take place after the events of Secret Wars. I will be going into a detailed description of the first issue so that you can read and decide if you should invest your hard earned money on this title. Then I will give a vague description of issues 2-5. So SPOILERS WARNING for issue 1



Issue 1

  • The comic starts off with Amadeus Cho A.k.A the new Hulk in Virginia Beach “feeding his monster” as he says when a giant two-headed turtle rises out of the sea putting the lives of a woman and a child in danger. After a Hulk confrontation with the turtle that involves a propane tank, Amadeus goes back to his flying fast food truck headquarters. His sister, Maddy Cho, angrily greets him. After calming down she explains that he can’t be reckless as the Hulk, because he could cause casualties. She insists he must follow the protocol that goes along with his career, to find mysterious monster eruptions and capture them. After a two day time skip, we see he She-Hulk, The Hulk, and Spider-Man fighting Gasher, with a memorable appearance by Lady HellBender.

Issue 2

TICGN The Totally Awesome Hulk
The Totally Awesome Hulk Issue 2


  • Amadeus and Lady HellBender battle it out until the biggest creature in galaxy appears and Hulk and Lady HellBender must team up to stop it.


Issue 3

The Totally Awesome Hulk
The Totally Awesome Hulk Issue 3


  • Hulk takes down Fin Fang Foom the biggest creature in the galaxy. When he achieves this goal, he is paid by betrayal when someone literally shoots him in the back.

Issue 4

TICGN The Totally Awesome Hulk
The Totally Awesome Hulk Issue 4


  • After The Hulk wakes up after being shot he realizes that he was kidnapped by Lady HellBender and when The Hulk escapes her, she releases a army on him, She~Hulk, and Spider-Nan.

Character Development

TICGN The Totally Awesome Hulk
The Totally Awesome Hulk


  • Amadeus Cho – Amadeus Cho is the eighth smartest person on the planet. He has been a big fan of The Hulk ever since I can remember; it’s good that he finally got to be the Hulk. Amadeus wants to show the world that the Hulk isn’t a monster, but in fact show “he’s the greatest superhero this world has ever seen.” He’s brilliant, has a sense of humor, and is often a comedic relief. Unfortunately, when he is the Hulk, he is arrogant, cocky and way too reckless. In the end, he is a character that you can relate to and grow to love.
  • Maddy Cho – Maddy Cho is Amadeus’s sister. He can be easily mistaken as a loudmouth. I mean sure she can be loud, rude, and bossy, but everything she does comes from a kind and loving place. She is brilliant, fearless, and protective. She doesn’t have that big of a role in the story arc. I definitely want to see more of her character in the upcoming issues.
  • Honorable Mentions – There were a lot of characters in this story, but only a select few had any sort of character growth. Here are the characters interactions worth talking about.  Amadeus and the She-Hulk characters are now friends, and she even tried to teach him about controlling the Hulk. Spider-Man and Amadeus are also friends. Iron-Man, and The Black Panther tried to save someone special to them while Bruce Banner also saves quite a few.


TICGN The Totally Awesome Hulk
The Totally Awesome Hulk

The art in this book is great. The character designs remain consistent throughout the story arc. The pictures were clear to follow and one can  easily tell what is happening during every moment of the issue. Every subject was the right shade of color, not too light and not too dark. There is a specific panel that I adore; it’s in issue 3 the last page (the panel were Fin Fang Foom rises out of the sea). You can just see the water crashing against the rocks, the light reflecting off its scales, and the anger in the creature’s eyes. I loved the artwork in this book.

My conclusion

The main story arc is fun to read but nothing too in depth or interesting. The flashback story was awesome and I wish we had more of that. The characters are well written, all except the villain, Lady Hellbender.  This character was all over the place; she was kissing Amadeus one minute and punching him in the face the next. I was completely confused with her actions and motivations, and overall she was a very bad villain.  Spider-Man felt out of place and there was too little of a reason for him to be there, but it was a treat to see him in a Hulk title. The character development for book is decent and the Art is gorgeous and a joy to look at. If you are a hardcore Hulk fan like I would recommend this book the day of release, but if you are a casual reader of the Hulk I say get this on Kindle a few months from now.

The Totally Awesome Hulk releases July 26, 2016 for $ 14.99.

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