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Review: The Mandalorian Episode 6 – The Prisoner

The sixth episode of The Mandalorian has come and gone. With it,fans have seen a little more of Mando’s past and this tale triumphs over the last two episodes.


Mando is in need of work and has to go to an old friend to get a job. This new job involves some old friends and a few new faces. Comedian Bill Burr guests stars as the Imperial Sharpshooter tasked with rescuing a fellow thief from a New Republic prison vessel. We meet a larger group of characters in this episode, the most so far. They, for the most part, all deserve what happens to them in this episode. Mando’s past friends really seem to have gone to the dark side.

The episode mostly takes place on this prison ship. The story definitely took away the boredom I felt watching the last two episodes. It seems with only two episodes left, the story of season one should just get better from here.


In this episode, we had more than just the Baby Yoda to look at. Like I said in the plot section, this episode had a large number of people in it. The cast of this episodes includes Mark Boone Jr., Bill Burr, Natalia Tena, Clancy Brown, Richard Ayoade, and Ismael Cruz Cordova as Qin. This ensemble cast actually made me wish that these characters had a bigger role in The Mandalorian. One of the best scenes was when Bill Burr finally makes the poor aim of the Stormtrooper official canon. It has been a long-running joke that finally became an offical part of Star Wars history.


A good chance of this episode plays out like a great heist movie. We have the character that has to be broken out of prison, the crew that’s prepared to do it, and the guy behind it all. Rick Famuyiwa did a wonderful job creating one of the best episodes of Star Wars TV. This episode flows so well that you can’t pause it. The suspense of the episode is fantastic.

The best part of the episode is towards the end when the emergency lighting hides Mando’s assault on the group that brought him to the prison transport. That whole part shows that we could have a Star Wars horror movie or something with real suspense. The episode shows off what can happen in the future of Star Wars.


The show continues to get better. With the stagnant middle part of the season finally over, it just means after this episode it’s only going to get better.  Actually, due to some issues with our site and the fact that I thought I had already written this review, the episode seven review was published first. That’s my fault and hopefully, you can forgive me. Look for the episode 8 review in a matter of days.

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