Review: The Magic Circle (PS4)

Originality in gaming can be either a curse or a gift. Some games will take an idea overusing it until players are fed up. The Magic Circle: Gold Edition uses an idea that doesn’t destroy the game. The Magic Circle is a First Person exploration game created by Question Games for the PS4.

The Magic Circle brings players into a world of an unfinished game that has been in development for over twenty years. The original Magic Circle started out as a text game that slowly grew into what we have today. Players are awakened as the “Hero” of this game, a character brought in to fix the mistakes of the Gods. Players are forced to play Magic Circle without standard weapons, they will be given the power to edit creatures and items in the world for their advantage. The combinations look comical at times yet they serve the player a purpose. The “Gods” have been fighting for over twenty years on how to finish the game The Magic Circle. Players will journey into the depths of an older space game and back into the fantasy world of the current game. I’m big on not spoiling the story for games like this, so I won’t.
The Magic Circle2 PS4
Lets all go on a vacation they said….
The Magic Circle doesn’t go get to over the top in graphics. The Magic Circle is basically an unfinished product that was never fully playable. The graphics range from black and white to sparse color that sets a tone of what the game could actually be. As players do progress the graphics do get better. Yet even the black and white is stunning.  The Magic Circle is a game that allows the player to have some fun and enjoy a view of this unfinished world with out discomfort. The music and voice acting is superb in The Magic Circle. With a cast of only four actors that include Ashly Burch(Life is Strange ), Karen Dyer ( Resident Evil 5), Stephen Russell ( Fallout 4 ), and James Urbaniak( Venture Bros). With music from Steve Pardo ( Harmonix) along with Interactive Sound & Fury in charge of the rest of the audio. The work they did on The Magic Circle really helped me relax and enjoy the game. It could have been so easy for me to just turn the sound down and ignore anything that was used in this game.
In the start of the game the Hero will lose any ability to use weapons.Developing puzzles and editing objects around you become your new weapons . The fact that players must become a game developer inside the game has you forgetting your need for any kind of weapons. From editing a rock and giving it the ability to fly with a lightening attack is one of coolest things I’ve done in a game.  The mixing and matching of different attacks and abilities on the creatures in the game is an original, useful, and wonderful idea that should be used more in other games. Players will get the ability to edit by using the Circle. It’s a power that will drain the life and color away from the player. At that point it’s easy to die from one hit. If that does happen players will get a new ability to explore some of the harder areas of the game by being ” Ghosted”. This is the point in which the player can walk around certain areas with limited interaction. The controls are simple and easily explained during the start of the game. At no point should anyone not understand how to do something in The Magic Circle.
The Magic Circle: Gold Edition is a fantastic game. With an original story and intriguing gameplay this is one of the best Indie games to be released on the PS4 in 2016. With a price of $19.99 it will be difficult to get people to buy the game at first. Question Games made something special that I really hope gains some attention from gamers.
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