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Review- Sudden Strike 4 (PS4)

*Review copy received from the developer.

The RTS genre has always had issues on the consoles. Sudden Strike 4 is no exception. Reliving battles from World War II is always an eventful and treacherous experience. With so many people being displaced and losing their families it is always hard to see these events unfold.


The game takes players back to the battles of the Great War with three different factions. You can pick either a campaign with Germany, Russia, or the Allies. The game takes place in Europe, you won’t get the chance to play as the rest of the Axis. This is something that I just don’t get. Even Italy was involved in the European conflict and they are not shown in the game. Going through the diary entries at the end of the campaign missions brings some life to the story of this game. Even though the events from this war don’t need the help.



Sudden Strike 4 features some fantastic voice acting but the dialogue does get annoying pretty fast. Even if I hadn’t moved a unit the game would scream at me over and over again. Sadly, this caused me to turn the games volume down while I listened to my own music instead. The music in this game was decent. It didn’t help with the annoying voice acting so the music is just not something that helped me stay interested in this game.


The game is sitting on that subpar level of graphics that gives you the mindset they may have not taken that much time to create. The tanks and other weapons of war look great, even some of the buildings don’t look half bad. Now the backgrounds just don’t look that good when you compare them to the units. It would be one thing if you didn’t have to stare at the same area for more then ten minutes but given the amount of time you need to play this game in its entirety – I just think the art design is not that good. The big problem though was that I couldn’t see the outer half of the screen. The game have no way for me to minimize the screen to see the whole HUD. It’s sad to see that a title like Lawbreakers can allow you to change the screen size and a then a game like Sudden Strike 4 can’t allow you to do that.



The best feature of this game is how it works. I was so impressed when I first started playing this game. I have not played any other in the series. My RTS experience is mainly from Blizzard. Base building and resource gathering while you explore the map and build your army. I had to keep my units in top condition while I went through the game. I just couldn’t rush through the game like I though I might be able to. It was actually refreshing to see the game like this.

Selecting units at first seemed a little difficult since this game is built with a mouse and keyboard in mind. The developer pulled it off very well. The right stick gives you the chance to pick a unit with ease and highlighting units is even easier. The campaign features the ability to pick from three generals that cover three different doctrines. These doctrines are upgradable and can help the player with different advantages.

The multiplayer experience is something that could be great on the PS4. Though with very few people playing the game it really isn’t something you can enjoy. The one nice thing is the game sets you up with computer players if you can’t find anyone to play with. Basically you can just keep playing the Skirmish mode. The Skirmish mode has you and your allies racing to take over different locations on the map. These locations will give you extra units as you keep playing. The goal is to destroy the other team and take those locations that they have captured. It really works great for the way the game is built. The one problem I had with the Skirmish mode was it kept freezing. If you have a large amount of units on the screen then the game freezes. Hopefully the game will get a patch.


Being a fan of the RTS genre I was intrigued to play this game. Seeing Sudden Strike 4 on the PS4 is something that I really think will help bring more RTS games to the console world. Even though I had some issues with graphics and audio I honestly think this is just a game PS4 players should enjoy. It also helps that the trophies seem fairly easy to complete and the platinum can be earned relatively quickly. I look forward to seeing more of Sudden Strike in the future.


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David Yerion
David Yerionhttp://www.Ticgamesnetwork.com
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