Review: Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (PS4)

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom for PS4. This action RPG from Enigami Studios (developer) and Focus Home Interactive (publisher) puts together an incredible cast of characters to stop Dark Shi from rising once again. Meanwhile, a war between the nations of Gendys and Adorya begins to unravel in the background.


The graphics of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom are colorful and vibrant. The worlds go from lush, eye-popping, pleasing places such as the Mantaran camp and the flying city of Mantara to the gritty and dark places such as the Gromiz Lair and Bloodor Valley. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom also includes comic strip cutscenes that add to the experience with a great level of attention and detail that the in-game engine can’t always do.

8 out of 10


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has music that could be in any other game and still stand out just as much as it does in its own. That’s how well crafted the music is in this title. This game has music that not only sets the mood but also varies between calming music for the exploration, hard rock for battles, and orchestral music for the bosses.

9 out of 10


The gameplay is where Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom truly begins to shine. This game borrows combat from Naruto: The Broken Bond and Naruto: Rise of a Ninja but twists them by adding a heavy RPG element. While you have the fighting game mechanics, you also have to upgrade your disciplines or else your team won’t be as good in combat. Each party member can learn styles that either help or hurt their attributes with disciplines in fighting and magic.

However, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom does have some minor issues and glitches. The camera shifts all over the place sometimes and characters can get stuck in scenery such as rocks or the invisible walls. These invisible walls also get in the way of the true platforming potential of the game.

8 out of 10


I saved the story section for last as Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom fully delivers a long and well written story for such a smaller title. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is easily a 20-25 hour story, and that’s if you go straight through without any side quests. The game also brings on a story where your choices matter. Whether you decide to help or kill a boss character or an important NPC, your choices have a tremendous outcome on not only your final boss fight but also the ending of the game.

9 out 10


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom surprised me as I was expecting a small indie title with some enjoyable things. What I got instead was an action RPG with a story that blew me away with how good it was. The Gameplay was top notch from the combat to the intricate RPG elements. The music resonated with me as it set the tone and mood of the game. The graphics and art style are very beautiful to look at both in-game and in the cutscenes. The story really gave me a ride as the choices included heavy decisions. The game was long with great writing. If you were looking to pick up Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, I recommend that you do so as this is one of the best games I’ve played in 2017 thus far.

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