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Review: Rogue Stormers – An Addicting Killfest (Steam)

Late last month, Black Forest Games released the indie, action game Rogue Stormers for PC. The developers describe it as a “modernized Contra/Metal Slug mash up with roguelike and RPG elements….” It is a multi-player game (1-4), but I only played single player.

I want to add here: I wanted to review this game for the release, but due to some private circumstances, I was unable to. However, that turned into a good thing! On April 29th, they released a new update. Rogue Stormers was already a fun game, but the update made it so much more enjoyable (I touch a bit more on this at the end).

Rogue Stormers - TiCGN


Rogue Stormers tells the story of Ravensdale, a medieval metropolis with oil rigs. However, the people discovered a mysterious substance called Goop. They used it for everything: energy, skin cream, and fuel for diesel engines. The result was an all out case of the crazies, turning everyone into monsters.

You play as one of the “knights” leading the crusade against the city and these twisted monsters. And by crusade, I mean you’re really actually creating a kill zone and you’re nearly as crazy as the monsters.

Really, the main idea of this game is the killing spree part. While it does have a story, that will be lost as you mow down the dozens of goblins coming down on you with bombs. That’s what really matters anyway. As you continue through the game, more elements come together and you also pick up loot along the way that explains more of the story.


The graphics on this one are great! It’s a side scroller with 3D graphics. Each weapon has its own design and the monsters are absolutely creative looking. Each one is extremely unique and has their own attack. They’re definitely different. The maps are engaging as well, especially with a randomized map every restart and after every death.


I felt this was a weak point for Rogue Stormers. The audio didn’t really leave much of an effect on me; I barely remember it. However, I will admit that I was deeply engrossed in destroying the oncoming horde. But I could definitely have done with more gun sound effects or monster audio.


I think I mentioned a few times so far in this review but let me just say it again: Rogue Stormers is fun. It is absolutely addictive as you try to survive dodging bombs, goblin-like things throwing stuff from parachutes, and other obstacles like fire and electricity.

The goal is to fight your way through seven increasingly difficult levels, eventually confronting the evil that threatens the city. You level up, gain perks, and gather loot. However, if you die, it’s back to the beginning! And every time, it’s a different layout, so you’re really starting over. You do get to keep your levels and perks though even through death. Loot chests and slot machines let you pick up secondary devices and weapons, each unique and changing your play style for the level.

You’re also given multiple character choices with different weapons, perks, and abilities. For example, Brecht, the starting character, is a Lone Wolf so he comes with +10 max HP, 20% healing efficiency, 20% weapon durability, +250 gold, and +key. As you unlock missions, you gain characters.

You absolutely have to be smart about how you play Rogue Stormers. Each enemy needs a different tactic and they’re not by any means easy. The controls themselves are simple enough to learn but the enemies just keep coming and you need to be able to react quickly. It really isn’t for a casual player as it can get quite challenging and addicting, but it is definitely a ton of fun. I can only imagine how crazy it gets in multiplayer.

Rogue Stormers - TiCGN


Now, as I said, I played Rogue Stormers before and after a major update. Prior to the update, I found the game extremely difficult. I barely got anywhere without dying. However, with the update late last month, it was almost a different game when I returned to playing. It definitely made the game easier for new players with increased vault drops, hazard damage decreases, and changes to a number of weapons.

Even with the update though, I wouldn’t recommend Rogue Stormers for casuals who are looking to beat the game. It takes a lot of trial and error, a lot of mistakes, and a lot of deaths to keep on fighting the monsters. But, even for a casual player, there is absolutely no denying the enjoyment this game delivers. Every death will just leave you more determined to take back your city.

Hilary C.
Hilary C.
Hilary is a freelance writer who plays video games and D&D in her free time! Although she mostly plays on the PC, she doesn't object to consoles!

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