Review- Redactem (Steam)- A Lesson in Patience

Some point in my time here at TICGN I started reviewing the difficult games. These games are the ones that can frustrate a player into destroying controllers and screens. Right now I’ve only stormed off in front of my wife ( I could hear her laughing as I walked out). Redactem is a game that could push me over the edge.


Most indie games on Steam do not have great graphics. Most of these developers do not have a multi-million dollar budget to work with. Now with Redactem players can expect simple graphics set on a grey background. Our little character looks cool enough showing his clock and excellent outfit.The red key looks very old DOOM on the PC for me. That was really a nice touch to make the key look that cool. For the price the graphics are completely perfect for this game.


The soundtrack is something you would find back on the NES or Genises. A simple track of music plays behind the frustration of your little character dying. The little character noises where excellent when jumping or changing gravity. Some games like this do not need a lot in the music or sound department to work. Redactem is just proof that those small indie games can make for some great audio.


In this game players will have to complete certain tasks to make it to either the door or the red key. These can go from having the player wall jump under spinning wheels of death, or simply just changing gravity to make it through the level. Players will either use gravity, wall jumping, or time reversal to get through the levels. The game really doesn’t have much to look at when you first start playing. It’s the frustration and excitement when you finish a level that keeps you going in this game. Currently the game is set into 8 levels per world. Only two worlds exist in the game exceeding the tutorial.


One feature that is extremely important in the current gaming culture is re-playability. Can that game keep you coming back to it for weeks or months? Actually I could play this game over and over again. With the promise of new worlds that will be added for free I can see this game being played for years. If allowed the modding community could have some real fun with this game.


Overall I found this game to be extremely enjoyable. Being able to talk to the developer and inform him about any bugs that have been happening while I was playing was great. The young developer Elliott Marc Jones  is always quick to respond to any discussion. I know I can’t predict the future of this game even though i would love to. So for now I can only say if you have the extra cash in your Steam wallet then check this game out now. If not just wait a few months and all the bugs and new world should be worked out. As you can tell in my review I didn’t discuss a story; the game doesn’t have one. This doesn’t make the game any less enjoyable. If you enjoyed this review or didn’t leave me a message in the comment section below.

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