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Review – Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story (Steam)

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is the second game in the A Normal Lost Phone series by Accidental Queens. Although this second game in the series shares the innovative puzzle design of the first game, the story being told is uniquely its own. I personally feel Accidental Queens have really found a gaming niche that is both effective and compelling. So, let’s find out more about Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story



Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is truly all about the story. In the first game, the story centered around a young adult who was going through an identity crisis and then really finding out how to accept who he was. Rather than repeat the gender fluid theme of the first game, Accidental Queens have decided to take on an even more prevalent and no less important social and personal issue that many men and women in the world unfortunately are subjected to. I really want to go more into detail regarding this, but I feel any discussion on the topic would create spoilers that would also spoil the mystery inherent in finding somebody’s lost phone and trying to unravel the mystery (which in theory would in real life be finding a way to return said phone to its owner).

What I will say is that as the story reveals itself via email, SMS, and in figuring out how to unlock other parts of the phone which contain crucial information, you are treated to a very detailed and thoughtful experience that will have you contemplating the game and similar real life issues for a while afterwards.

10 out of 10


The gameplay in Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is exactly the same as actually using a cell phone. You literally use the various functions of this digital version of a phone to research Laura’s life via text messages, emails, and so on to solve the mystery of the phone. This is really the brilliance of the game. It’s a logic puzzle game, but everything about it mirrors real life. You unlock information by using the information you already have available, and in doing so, you are able to unlock previously locked parts of the phone such as a secondary email account, which allows you to progress further. In a sense, you could literally use this very same method to help somebody recover their lost phone in real life (if you can get past the screen unlock lol).

10 out of 10


The graphics in Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story are a phone user interface. Exactly. The only things that branch away from that are pictures that were sent via email and SMS that can be found within the phone itself. Simple and yet completely effective. The actual in game photos are nice. They carry a more water-colored appearance and maybe are a bit less distinct than they could be, but then this is also very much by design in my estimation.

7.5 out of 10


The audio, with the exception of a couple phone notification sounds is comprised of an awesome soundtrack that really keeps a solid groove going and helps you to stay focused since you are enjoying some nice tunes while carrying out your investigation. I daresay the soundtrack is perfect.

10 out of 10

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Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is a perfect example of how you take a simple real life concept and turn it into something both engaging and compelling (as I may have mentioned in my intro). This is an evocative experience that, for my money, is in the top tier of puzzle games and in fact, top tier of games in general.

9.4 messages and texts leading to an eventually and heart warming conclusion out of 10 possible.



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