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Review: Moss for PSVR

Moss is a new PSVR adventure game where you play as a little mouse going on an adventure to save her uncle from an evil snake named Sarffog.


Moss follows on two characters, The Reader and Quill. You’re sitting in a library reading a book , where the central character is a little mouse named Quill. The kingdom where Quill lives has been overthrown by an evil snake named Sarffog. When her uncle is kidnapped by the evil being, quill sets out across the kingdom to save her uncle from death and save the kingdom from Sarffog’s evil reign.

The story in Moss is actually really interesting and the fantasy elements are phenomenal. When you flip through the book and then when you’re transported into story and see everything through your eyes, it feels almost magical. Not to mention, it’s quite touching and moving in moments.


Moss is a great looking game and probably one of the best looking VR games I’ve seen in a while. Each environment looks fantastic and are breath taking to say the least. The fantasy setting proves to do wonders for the game, and each screen you see will definitely impress you, like it did for me, even to the point where I had to stop and take in the scenery, that’s how good it looks.


Moss has an absolutely magical soundtrack, which helps build an absolutely amazing atmosphere. Each tracks differs from one another, for example one track might be somber and another one might be uplifting which helps set the right mood for each scene of the game.

The voice acting is pretty great. It sort of reminded me of those times, when our parents used to read us these great stories that would help us fall asleep.


The gameplay in Moss is divided into two segments. As the reader you watch the world surrounding Quill and help her, by interacting with the environment, from opening and moving large objects Quill can’t interact with. You also can help her, by stunning enemies and taking control of them to help her solve puzzles scattered across the environment. You also control Quill at the same time, from a third person perspective. With Quill the gameplay is a pretty straight forward beat’em’up and a platforming game.

The puzzles in the game are usually really simple and will never leave you stumped at what to do next and that is probably the only major gripe I have with the game. I felt that I was breezing through the game way too fast, even when I stopped to take in the scenery. I felt that some challenge with the puzzles was needed, but what’s in the game is decent enough.

The combat however is really lackluster. Each enemy takes three strikes to go down and one attack each you can easily dodge so you won’t have problems, but I sort of felt that combat could have been a lot better, maybe adding more attacks for you to dodge or stronger enemies for you to fight.

Also the game has quite a few glitches with Quill phasing through the environments. Once I had Quill stuck behind a wall and one time she jumped through the ceiling, but there are just minor bugs and nothing game breaking and could be easily ironed out with a patch.


Moss is one of the best VR games I’ve played to date. The magical atmosphere, the amazing environments and great story book feel makes this game one amazing adventure from start to finish. If you have a VR headset, do yourself a favor and play Moss right away.

Note: The game was reviewed with a code provided by the developer/publisher.

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