Review-Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight(Xbox One)

Sometimes you find yourself playing a game that you think will be a walk in the park. The game may seem different to you and yet you feel confident that you will utterly destroy this game. That was how I first felt with Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight – until I really played the game.


This game is a prequel to the first Momodora game. Set 400 years in the past, I found myself playing as a priestess named Kaho. It is her task to travel east to Kart City. The land is cursed and it is up to her to break it. ( Spoiler): The ending will make you feel like you wasted your time as Kaho takes the curse into herself. The story is the weakest part of this game.


The first thing you will notice in this game is the weapon. A leaf is used as the main weapon of destruction against evil. In fact it is a maple leaf that you use along with a bow. Momodora is a Metroidvania style game with the difficulty and frustration of the Dark Souls series placed into one game. You will explore the map that will eventually allow you to reach shrines where you can save your progress. At those moments you can refill your health, this is like the Elatus Flask in Dark Souls that heals you. Being patient as you play though this game is the most important thing.

Players will receive items that will help through out the game. You can buy them with Munny Stars that you gain from killing your enemies. Trust me, you will need any advantage over the boss battles that you can get. These items may add just that little bit more to your attack or help with your healing. Do not forget to equip these items.


The melodic tones of this game really set up the despair you will face as your progress through this game. One other sound that will be familiar is Kaho’s death scream that happens every time you die. Did I mention that this game is difficult and you will die over and over? Well if you don’t have the games audio on you will not make it far. Certain levels these monsters will makes noises before they attack. If you pay attention and anticipate their actions, you will survive. Overall, I enjoyed this experience with the game’s audio. It is rare to find a game like this that has everything working for it.


The game features a wonderful world of sprites that flow effortlessly on the screen. The characters move around in world with either a great detailed look or just some basic colors that form a mass you have to destroy. The bosses take up a good chuck of the screen. In one instance I felt uncomfortable with how one boss was positioned. If my wife walked in at that moment I know I would of been hit in the head with a controller.

Before I started playing, I was expecting this game to look awful. The picture that you see showing the main character and more is just so plain and boring. I Just wasn’t expecting much visually from this game. Here’s the thing tough, you have to stare at the same levels and characters over and over again since you die a lot. It helped that this game is so enjoyable to look at.



I doubt I would have picked this game up if I had not reviewed it. From the looks of the game, it didn’t really interest me at first. After spending some time playing and dying over and over I found that same enjoyable frustration I get from playing Dark Souls. This is that same case of not judging a book by its cover. Once you jump into Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, you will fall for its characters, look, and gameplay. I just want to apologize to the developer for taking so long to get this review out. I’m the only one to blame and I took on more here at then I should have.

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