Review: Little Adventure on the Prairie (3DS)

Something tells me this game is an experiment. Why? Well, Little Adventure on the Prairie is a title made in Unity; the only other Unity games I can think that were able to run on regular 3DS systems (rather than just New 3DS models) are Crollers Game Pack and Activision’s ports of their Spongebob and Snoopy games. The former’s developer did explain to me that he was a fledgling dev who was seeing if he could loop around the fact Unity is more directly compatible with New 3DS. Infinite Madaa’s Little Adventure on the Prairie seems like it’s that same story over again.


One common theme these games seem to have is that the framerate is nowhere as smooth as it should be. Despite being a super basic “platformer”, Little Adventure on the Prairie struggles to run at 30fps and chugs when multiple enemies are onscreen. The visuals themselves are also a mix of bland and unpleasing. Backgrounds are incredibly blurry, and each level seems to be blatantly composed of a series of large tiles making up the floor. There are even times where you can see where the backgrounds end and where they loop again! The graphics are simply improper and unnatural.


There are stock tracks that make up the background music, not unlike Collavier’s Physical Contact series on the Nintendo Switch. I would be fine with this if it weren’t for the fact that there are no sound effects. Despite the combat-heavy gameplay, nothing makes a sound whatsoever! Not the enemies, not the sword, not the collectables…Nothing! The closest thing to a sound effect is when clicking to go to the next level causes a sound eerily like that of a speaker having troubling producing sound.


Little Adventure on the Prairie spans twelve very flat levels (at most, jumping is used to hop over short gaps every now and then), and each level is the exact same thing. The average enemy comes to swing at you, and every enemy in the game does just that. You swing your sword back and hope that the enemy is killed before enough of your health is drained. You can’t kill enemies without getting attacked. That is, unless you exploit the game’s clumsy hit detection by jumping on top of the enemy and slashing it from the head. If enough enemies are dead, the level is abruptly cleared and you move onto the next slog.


Yeah, this game is terrible. You can essentially move and spam the attack button the beat most of it, and there’s nothing interesting or fun to find here whatsoever. This game feels more a high school game design project than anything else. I don’t mind experimentation, but like Crollers Game Pack, it seems more like something that should have been kept as such instead of a priced 3DS eShop release. In this case, it’s a classic case of shovelware. I hope that Infinite Madaa takes his/her time to build a game that could not only fit the designated console better, but also provide an experience that can be fondly looked back on.

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