Review: Levels+ Addictive Puzzle Game (Switch)

Typically, games that emphasize the “fun factor” in their names aren’t anything to be excited about. It’s easy to say there’s an addictive game here, but living up to it takes effort. It doesn’t help that Levels+ looks relatively unambitious compared to other titles on the Nintendo Switch; after all, it does hail from the mobile market. Fortunately, it’s a mobile title that offers more than what meets the eye.


As can be expected from games like this, the interface is rather simple. There isn’t much to see besides the plain, white background and the color-coded panels on the playing field. Nevertheless, Levels+ works well with what it has. The color-coding gives the panels a clear identity, and the visual style as a whole is clean and smooth.


Usually, indie puzzlers have a difficult time getting the sound design right. Either the music wouldn’t fit with the action or the sounds didn’t have as much of an impact as they should. Yet, Levels+ manages to pull this off. The NES-style music is catchy and the sounds do have a stimulating effect to them. Basically, it all blends together nicely.


Addictive Puzzle Game‘s panels consist of three types: Treasure, fighters, and bad guys. The player slides the panels into each other to make things happen. If a fighter collides with treasure, the fighter would collect it; likewise, baddies are defeated if a fighters of equal or higher levels land on them. A treasure or fighter’s level is upgraded if two of the same collide with each other. To sum it up, this is like a savory combination of Checkers and 2048.

By savory, I mean the game pulls it off much better than I thought it would. Levels+ really did live up to its name by providing an addicting puzzle experience. The only problems I have with it regard its content. There are achievement-style missions to keep players occupied, but I would have liked to see fully-fledged single-player and multiplayer (online?) modes to make things beefed up. There could be a stage-based structure, and versus play is sure to get competitive juices flowing.


Nevertheless, this is definitely a fun puzzler. It is somewhat light on content, but what it does have is great gameplay that can keep players hooked. I definitely recommend Levels+ if you’re looking for a good game to kill time with.

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