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Review: League of Evil (Switch)

I was excited when I first saw that League if Evil]¬†would be making the jump to Nintendo’s consoles. After all, I was a big fan of it back when I played through it on my phone. Mobile games may not have the best reputation, but this one was a platforming goody; it could only work that much better on a console with physical buttons to use.



Bunches of bad guys and deadly scientists are attacking civilization under the group name, “League of Evil”. You know the drill: Kill ’em all!


Visually, League of Evil looks…okay. The spritework get the job done, but there’s nothing particularly impressive about it. It kind of has a Retro City Rampage vibe going on with how much it conveys with the little amount of pixels per sprite, but that game had lots more stuff going on whereas League of Evil has bite-sized levels with not nearly as much visual detail.


The music is repetitive, yet energetic and complementary to the game’s addictive nature. It’s nothing I’d listen to outside League of Evil, but it does a fine job nevertheless. Sound effects are rather minimal in-game, as the only sounds made are little “pffs” at most.


League of Evil is a twitch platformer crammed with well over a hundred bite-sized levels to play through. The protagonist can wall-jump and punch (on ground or in mid-air) his way through the gauntlets to hunt down the scientist at the end of each level. The challenge is moderately accessible but it’s bound to test the player’s reflexes in later levels and optional challenges where he or she must also collect the briefcase in the level. There isn’t quite as much of an obstacle or gameplay variety as Slime-San, but League of Evil takes great advantages of what it does have to offer.

Not only does it have a plethora of well-designed pre-made levels to play, but it also has an achievements system and a level editor. The level editor is an especially great addition thanks to the ability to share levels online and download what other people made. You know what that means: Opportunities to troll players around the world! Oh, and I do suppose you could make legitimately enjoyable creations as well. Either way, this effectively turns League of Evil into a nifty budget Super Mario Maker.


Overall, League of Evil is another solid game in the ever-growing library of the Nintendo Switch. Its bite-sized levels and snappy platforming make for addicting results, and it works wonders as both a console game and a portable one. Of course, the level editor adds fantastic replay value to the game. Even if you aren’t interested in that aspect, though, League of Evil has plenty to offer for its inexpensive $8 price tag.

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