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Review: Kid Tripp (Switch)

Previously released on the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, Kid Tripp has made the leap to Switch. I thought it was a fun little game while it lasted when I reviewed its initial release. So now that it’s on Nintendo’s shiny new console, how does it hold up? Well, I think it’s safe to say my verdict remains the same as before. In case you haven’t read my full review of the 3DS version, though, allow me to try and elaborate on my experience with the Switch build.


Our protagonist crashes his plane into a giraffe, and is chased off by hordes of animals as a result. You don’t see them in the actual game, but it’s funny to think of it now as a nod to the fact that this game is an auto-runner. As for the narrative, there isn’t anything beyond that bit of exposition until the ending has the protagonist collide with an alien’s UFO, suggesting that there may be a sequel to the game sometime.


I gotta say, it’s surprising to see how sharp Kid Tripp looks on the Switch screen. The 3DS port was a fine-looking game in its own right, but seeing these retro-style sprites on a much larger screen is rather lovely. And that’s just playing it in handheld mode! The art style itself has plenty of charm as well; it’s colorful, has interesting set pieces, and is easy on the eyes. Plus, the game runs as smooth as butter.


When I first went over Kid Tripp, I noted that the soundtrack wasn’t particularly memorable. Maybe it’s because I have played it again some times since, but I think I could probably backtrack on that claim. The music can be memorable in that regard, but it’s certainly no Mega Man or Super Mario Bros. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to these pieces in a playlist, but I think they suit the game appropriately enough.


As an auto-runner, Kid Tripp has the protagonist run…automatically. You can’t stop him or make him move left, but you can make him jump, run slightly faster, or throw rocks at enemies. The controls are perfectly tight for the action, making it overall instantaneous as the protagonist makes his way through twenty bite-sized levels. By bite-sized, I mean bite-sized. This game lasts less than the time it took me to write this review. The levels are fun and there are plenty of achievements to grab, but I still wish there was more of it. I also still think there are certain parts that first-time players may not be able to get right unless he or she dies on those parts first.


Nevertheless, Kid Tripp was a fun title on 3DS, and it remains fun on Switch. For its four-dollar price tag, you can’t exactly go wrong with the platforming action it has to offer. It may be over quickly, but it’s always nice to break it out if you need to kill ten or twenty minutes.

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