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Review: Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 Reboot

This Review Contains Spoilers About the First Issue.

Meet the real “Man of Steel ” in the pages of Invincible Iron Man Volume 1 Reboot. There have been many runs on Iron Man over the years, so what makes this run stand out from the rest? Better yet, is it worth your money? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this review.


TICGN Invincible Ironman
Invincible Iron Man Issue 1

Invincible Iron Man Volume 1 titled Reboot collects Issues 1-5. The events of this particular book take place after the events of Secret Wars. I will be going into a detailed description of the first issue so that you can read and decide if you should invest your hard earned money on this title. Then I will give a vague description of issues 2-5. So SPOILERS WARNING for issue 1.  

  1.  The first issue starts off with a meeting in Beijing between a ex-A.I.M employee and Madame Masque, AKA Whitney Frost. The ex- employee aims to sell Madame Masque an object in a suitcase, but when he hands the suitcase over and asks for his money, she shoots him in the head. Next, we see Tony Stark monologuing about how the world sees him and his inventions as old news. He even explains how a M.I.T student reverse engineered one of his Iron Man suits on a dare and posted the schematics online. But Tony has a new suit to blow people minds and that will be much more efficient. The new suit can change color or shape depending on the mission. We see Tony having a dinner date with Dr. Amara Perera, a biophysicist. After they finish their dinner, Tony takes Amara back to his place. While they having a casual conversation on the rooftop Tony asks Amara if she has invented any thing that the world isn’t ready for, because it would only be reverse engineered and used in the worst way imaginable. Amara told him that he create a cure for the mutant gene, one that wouldn’t harm the host, but she would never go public with it because it would become a mandatory law that all mutants would have to take it. Friday (Tony’s AI) interrupts Amara to tell Tony that Madame Masque broke into Castle Doomstadt and stole the Temporary Regime Of Latveria. So Tony suits up and travels to Doomstadt. When he arrives he is surrounded in no time by armed soldiers. Iron Man tells them that he dose not mean any harm but, the soldiers take aim for Iron Man’s head. A sonic screech comes from a figure from behind him disarming the soldiers and leaving them confused. He turns around to find a stranger with a familiar voice. Friday confirms the identify as Doctor Doom, but his face is unscarred. Doctor Doom tells Iron Man that they need each other’s help!
  2. Issue 2 – Iron Man must overcome his anger towards Doctor Doom and they must come up with a plan to stop Madame Masque from gaining powerful items.
  3. Issue 3 – After an almost fatal battle with Madame Masque. Iron Man must reach out to Doctor Strange.
  4. Issue 4 – During his pursuit of Madame Masque, he is attacked by Ninjas.
  5. Issue 5- Doctor Doom and Iron Man battle Madame Masque.

Character Development

TICGN Invincible Ironman
Invincible Iron Man Issue 3


Character Development is a major aspect in story telling. It’s why people read a long series like Batman or The Walking Dead. To see what the character or characters go through , what obstacles they overcome, their though process, their personality, and their point of view. The character development in this title is great. In this arc their are 4 main characters that get most of the shine. And those are Tony Strak, Doctor Doom,  Dr. Amara Perera, and Madame Masque.

  •  Tony Stark- In the beginning of the arc, we see Tony pushed his self to be what the world expects him to be. To be ahead of the curve of technology, and that is exactly what he did by building his new suit of armor. Than we see him grow even more when he begins to open up to Amara and talk to her about personal matters. By the end of this arc him and her are definitely a thing. He has a good sense of humor and witty remarks are present all through out the arc. Overall Tony’s character development was good.
  • Doctor Doom- Doctor appears in the last page of issue 1, half of issue 2, and most of issue 5. So he isn’t in the story arc the whole time. His face is completely cooperative, but he seems to have a motive for catching Madame Masque. Nevertheless when a villain does someting to help the hero, it’s always a big step.
  • Dr. Amara Perera- We see Amara only in Issues 1 and 3 and both appearances were short. It appears that she is growing fond of Tony Stark and really opening up to him. We know she is smart because she came up with a cure for the mutant gene. So it’s to say that we don’t know much about out the character, but I’m looking forward to finding out more.
  • Madame Masque – Madame Masque is obviously the main villain in this arc, but her motives for stealing these powerful items are unclear. One can assume that she wants to be more powerful, but this theory is only reinforced with one sentence of dialogue were she was talking to Iron Man and said “Your power is a illusion but mine is real.” If her plan was to obtain more power, what was she planning to do with it? Her character motivations left me confused and with questions that didn’t get answered.


TICGN Invincible Ironman
Invincible Iron Man Issue 3


David Marquez is most recognized for his artwork on Ultimate Spider-Man back in 2012- 2013. Although I never read that particular,  I’m sure he did a great job because the quality of the artwork he did on this title is nearly flawless. The characters design remain constant all throughout the arc. The background of the panels are detailed. The fight scenes and magic uses are vibrant and well visualized (meaning that these scenes are well drawn so that you can tell what’s happening in the story and the colors in the scene really pop making it a much more pleasant read).


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