Review: Forza Motorsport 7 (Xbox One)

Being a gamer, I love to play all types of games. Once genre that I don’t spend enough time with is racing games. I don’t always want to sit around driving a vehicle in a video game when most of my work week is spent driving to and from job sites. It doesn’t give me that excitement that other games do but that changed with my time in Forza Motorsport 7.


Since the game doesn’t actually include any kind of story other than you competing for the Forza Cup, I’ll start off with how the game looks. Even without playing this game in 4K I was impressed. The cars themselves are wonderful recreations of the “real” thing. The damage that I felt to those vehicles was remarkable, at one point I had a small ding by the rear brake light of my ’69 Camaro. I wasn’t expecting this level of detail on a racing game. I mean I have heard that this series was all about the cars, I had just never experienced it for myself.

The tracks where vibrant and full of life. I remember when I used to play Madden, the crowd would look like waving pieces of paper cut out to look like sports fans. That doesn’t happen in Forza 7. From the helicopters watching you race to the weather effects, this game has it all. The dynamic weather in Forza 7 is insane. I really was unprepared in my first few races when the rain started around the 4th lap. This fresh rain caused me to slide into the wall of the track. The changing weather and beautiful sunsets are the most interesting graphical touches for me. I just want you to stare at the menu screen before the race. It shows how great this game looks.


This will be the easiest to read and shortest part of this review. The audio is the most disappointing feature of this game. It’s great that you have a voice telling you how to do better and what you need to do. Adding Ken Block and others was a great touch. The thing I just can’t understand is the music. Why does such a huge series have some of the most boring generic rock music in a game. I just don’t enjoy hearing the same generic music over and over. I see so many sports games with so many great playlists. Maybe some money should be spent on the music. I’m just not the biggest car guy so hearing those engines purr just didn’t make me love the audio in this game.


This is a racing game, in this game you can expect to drive at extremely high rates of spend for most of the time. To me that sums up the core idea of this game. Like the fictional character of Ricky Bobby, I just wanted to be first in every race. Now in this game you need to actually try to practice. One of the things I was looking forward was the test drive feature. It was not really available at the time of my playing. I went online and found a roundabout way to do it. But after the time spent looking for a way to use this feature I felt annoyed and tired.

Controlling the cars becomes something that I’m not the best at. I spent some time just doing the same corner over and over with the rewind feature. For someone like me that was a great addition to the game. I know it’s an old feature but for someone who’s hasn’t been played this game before it was great. I learned early on that the fastest car doesn’t always mean that I’m going to win. So many factors need to be thought about before you can win. The weather was one of the biggest factors of me losing many races.

Forza Motorsport 7 is set up so that you have to make money to unlock new cars, outfits, and mods. This game forces you to grind over and over to get those damn driver outfits. Luckily they fixed the VIP issues and you now get double the credits after each race. This was one of the bigger problems that I didn’t actually have any issue with. Some of the items that you are looking to buy unlock as you level up. You can pick one of three items at each level. I ignored the cash and just went for the cars. I think I have an addiction to make my car level higher and higher. I just want to own all those different vehicles. The multiplayer is good as I could tell. You do different races with others and hope to win. I guess I just didn’t get that excited about it. The game isn’t like a first person shooter that gives you that insane rush of adrenalin. I did find the Rivals to be something different and enjoyable. Being able to just drive on a course alone with your rivals (ghost) time gave me that feeling I need to beat everyone.

IF you race enough you will make a ton of money to buy loot crates and anything you need in this game. It just takes a little time and it helps that your Drivatar( Racing profile) races while your offline. Being able to collect cash when you log in is a great touch. I spent some time trying to tune my vehicles, I just don’t have the patience to do that. But the fact you have so many options is going to make anyone that loves to race so happy. Each car has some sort of upgrade that will make it the best on the track. I really didn’t know what I was jumping into when I first playing this game. From winning my first championship on the way to the Forza Cup and to bowling with a Limo, this is a series that I could recommend to other players. I just don’t know if this is the best game to start out with. Missing certain features since launch really has me wondering if I should continue my journey for the Forza Cup.


Playing Forza Motorsport 7 was almost an enjoyable experience the whole time. Seeing features missing from the main menu, awful music, and a real lack of enthusiasm for the multiplayer did hamper my experience with the game. Those positive aspects of the game were so good that it was easy to overlook the negatives in my experience. I feel as a gamer I can continue with this in small steps. I just feel that this game isn’t complete yet and I might have played a different Forza to jump into the series. I’m grateful that I was given the chance to play this game. It was a much-needed break from some of the other games I have been playing this year.

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