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Review – Fenix Furia: Dying Has Never Been so Fun (Xbox One)

Fenix Furia mixes the nostalgia of the Genesis generation with an enjoyable current generation playability. Playing the game will lead to moments of frustration since dying is just part of what will happen in this game.  Green Lava Studios developed Fenix from a prototype for Google Play in 2012. Player are lucky Green Lava continued working on this game.

Fenix Furia


The story of Fenix Furia is extremely simple. Fenix survived his village being destroyed in an icy blast. Fenix is on the chase of Oktarus as Fenix attempts to chase down this individual. Fenix chases Ottars through hundreds of levels in the game. The story really isn’t the focus of this game. The gameplay along with all the different modes really make you forget why your even collecting cookies. Games like Fenix Furia don’t need a deep story line to capture the players looking for a game with great gameplay.


Fenix Furia doesn’t have a problem with poor visual quality. Every color is vibrant and shows how much love was put in the game. The graphics bring you back to a time when Sonic was king; a time when a dolphin named Ecco ruled as well. Each level is a 2D paradise that helps ease the frustration of dying over and over again. Green Lava Studios has created a game that pops out of your tv.

Fenix Furia


The soundtrack is that fast rock music you would expect from a 90’s platformer. The music does change depending on which world you play in. The music and sounds you here will bring back a nostalgic feeling that keeps you focused in the game.

The one thing I did realize is dying is the most annoying sound in the game. Some of the achievements require you to die over 10,000 times. A few levels can make it easier to get to those achievements, just turn the volume down until you get them all.


Controlling Fenix is the easiest part of the game. Fenix has a jump that can take him to the top of the level. His dash ability helps him move through precarious situations. Once you start to get used to the controls the game destroys your ability to focus by adding different hazards. The creature in the game move in a way that the player needs to relax and watch for patterns in movement. Being the gamer that rushes into battle this was not an easy task. Fenix Furia is more like a mini game from the Dark Souls series; Death is not “Game Over”.

Fenix Furia is jam packed with different modes, time trial, difficulty levels, and cookies. Players that collet all the cookies before jumping into each warp cube will get the chance to have different recipes unlocked. All games should have cookie recipes in them to unlock.


Fenix Furia is a game that could be overlooked in a crowded marketplace. Fenix Furia should be played by anyone that has an extra $14.99. From the the first moment I played it I just couldn’t put the game down. No matter how many times I died the game was just to much fun. The truth is I can get burnout on platformers in less then an hour. Usually they just all feel the same as the one that was realesed before it. Fenix Furia has more then enough content to keep a player busy for months. It is the perfect summer game before all those huge games are released.



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