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Review: Fairy Tail Dragon Cry

Fairy Tail is back with its brand new feature film: Fairy Tail Dragon Cry. I must say, this movie brings the pure essence of everything that Fairy Tail is. Of course, that does include some bad points.

For starters the movie will keep you laughing until the very end, whether it’s Happy falling head over heels for Charla or Julia’s one sided love affair with Gray. Whatever reason tickles your fancy, this movie will keep you entertained. Also it wouldn’t be a Fairy Tail movie without the fan service. Yes, that’s right, fan service is in full effect. Hiro Mashima definitely does not disappoint in this department. From the skimpy outfits in certain scenes or where Gray has his infamous strip scenes, there is always something to enjoy.

If you’re a fan of Fairy Tail then you will enjoy this film, because you know exactly what you’re getting. However, for those who may not have seen Fairy Tail before or may have just seen it in passing and might not know the lore, this film may come off as being a bit strange.

A major problem with Fairy Tail, is that it has been known to use the power of friendship in order for the main heroes of the story to overcome overwhelming adversity and defeat their opponents. Some fans became very disgruntled after a lot of the victories  Fairy Tail wizards have obtained. Though in this film there was little of that.

During a section in a very intense fight scene, normally the Fairy Tail wizards would use the power of friendship and pummel their enemies, but this time I’m very happy that they at least had a tough time doing so. Not every member of the team defeated their opponents easily. Which to me was nice. It gave the villains more of a threatening sensibility, which is a good thing.

A downside in the film was when Lucy’s character reverted back to being the damsel in distress, which to me was a bit annoying considering how much she has developed as a character over the years. It was a short instance but an instance nonetheless.

Another low moment is that one of the villain’s powers was completely OP (Over Powered), and the only way to defeat him wasn’t the best way in my opinion. Luckily the small twist at the end saved the film for me, giving me some peace of mind. Unfortunately there was some parts of the movie I wished that they would elaborated further as far as how powers were obtained and certain plots in the story could have been fleshed out bit more as well.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry is a film for Fairy Tail fans and one that they can be proud of. A fitting end to a long journey. Even if you aren’t too familiar with the series there are still parts of the movie that you can enjoy.

If you haven’t seen Fairy Tail Dragon Cry check your local listings for showtimes here. Also enjoy the promotional trailer for the film below.


Joshua D.
Joshua D.
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