Review: Ecotone – An Enjoyable Little Game (Steam)

Steam has so many games it can just be so hard to find really good games for a great price. Luckily fans of quirky platforms won’t have to look far for a game that has great level design and an all around good atmosphere. Sundae Factory has made something wonderful with Ecotone. Check it out on Steam for the low price of $8.99.




Players take on the role of the little masked guy with no name. He journeys through different worlds and levels that constantly challenge him. Players will notice each title of the level is a clue to solving it. Or I just completely ruined that part of the game for you. Either way, the game doesn’t have much of a story and it doesn’t really need it. Playing through the levels of Ecotone, you learn a little more about our little friend.


Ecotone is simple yet it has a Limbo-Fez feel to it. The little masked guy is great to watch; he never gets old to look at. Playing Ecotone on a basic MacBook, I was worried that maybe the frame rate would suffer or that the game would just look awful. At no point did that little masked guy suffer any issues unless I didn’t make a jump in time. The backgrounds will distract you at first and looking at all the creatures watching you will throw you off your game. All the small things coming together make this a beautiful game to look at.


From the music playing in the background to the little sounds that come from your footsteps walking around work perfectly in Ecotone. Every song that plays fits in with this game; it is almost like the developers knew how you would feel when playing it. Some sounds could be considered creepy for other games; the ghastly noise that happens when you die is still somewhat pleasant. I could almost say that all the audio in this game is perfect.


The gameplay in Ecotone is straight forward and basic. Mastering the gameplay is a whole other story. One moment you will feel on top of the world until you miss a jump or you might just not be paying attention to the creatures around you. Players will jump and run; nothing else will really be needed in this game other than an open mind for some fun and frustrating puzzles. Ecotone comes with 3 worlds that have 15 levels each. It is enough gameplay to keep everyone busy.


Ecotone is still being worked on by Sundae Factory. With constant updates and again a low price it is just to hard to pass this game up. I have to say I have fallen for this little game. If you’re looking for a wonderful game that looks amazing on the PC for under 10$ then you have to check out Ecotone.

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