Review: Drawful 2 – Playing Together With Laughter (PS4)

Playing games in a social setting can be difficult when everyone that should be playing has school or work. Drawful 2, like the first edition, makes it easier for everyone around the world to play together. The only thing you need is a great sense of imagination.

Drawful 2 Screen 2-TICGN


Drawful 2 centers around players drawing a word or phrase given to them at the beginning of each round, on a tablet, smart phone, or browser. Everyone’s unique drawing appears on the screen, one by one. Plug in your guess but also keep in mind part of the game is to trick the other players into choosing the wrong phrase when all answers plus the correct one appear. The deceitfulness of this game makes it a supremely exciting social experiment when you don’t always get to see who you’re playing against, meaning no poker faces either to hide your lie behind. To start the game, the host will give a room code that players will use at the website to login. Once that is all finished and you have at least three players, the fun begins.

Some of the other great features include a custom mode where you can play your own games with your own phrases. Players can also share gifs of their funniest or weird pictures. Twitch log in, Family-friendly toggle, and having an audience up to 10,000 viewers are some of the new additions to Drawful 2.


The music and voiceovers make this game enjoyable to play. Many games just have annoying music or awful voices.  The actress usually says something funny every time a drawing is over, and her voice is extremely pleasant. It is a rare moment in gaming history that the whole time you’re playing the music is not annoying you.



This game would not work if it looked like Gears of War. The basic look is just so perfect that sometimes people can make the best art in this game…or the worst. Players are now allowed two colors to use when playing, instead of the one you’re giving in the first edition. Still no eraser, however! It makes for some excellent art work that can only be made in games like this. I thought with a smaller screen I would have problems drawing with my “sausage fingers.” Many times I have stopped playing games that require drawing because of this. At the same time though, Drawful 2 looks so simple it will make some people not want to play it at first.

Drawful 2 Screen-Ticgn


Since you really don’t even need the game to play it, everyone should at least try it. In a social setting, Drawful 2 can be played all night. It can cause some interesting moments between friends. The one downside is that the game can’t be played over a day. Meaning you can’t make a drawing and then later another player at work can guess this. It all has to be done at one time. The only reason I see people not playing this game is because they need to catch some Pokemon.



Drawful 2 was released on the Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. I played it on the PS4 and I found it to be an extremely wonderful time once I realized how great it can be. Sadly, with so many games coming out each week, the flood will overtake this one and most people won’t play it. The pure fact is that you don’t need a controller, console, or the game, is a wonderful idea. Drawful 2 only costs you $9.99 so don’t be cheap. Pick it up!


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