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Review: Detention (PC)

Detention is a point and click horror game set in a high school where you try to escape demons and solve a mystery.


Detention follows two students, Wei and Ray. When Wei falls asleep in his classroom and awakens to find himself alone, he comes across Ray, a senior girl, and they decide to leave the school grounds. However, they find that they are trapped as the school is surrounded by bloody water that is too dangerous to cross. After getting back to the school you find Wei lying dead and yourself trapped in the building. After that, you’re trying to escape by any means as demons try to kill you (Ray).

The story in Detention is absolutely amazing. It has plenty of creepy and disturbing moments, twists that will stun you once they happen, and also multiple endings to boot.


Graphically, Detention reminds me a lot of The Cat Lady, both in tone and art design, but in general, Detention is a much better looking game, as there’s a lot of detail in the background, not to mention it’s entirely hand drawn. The demons that you encounter are all creepy and look outstanding.

Most environments you go through also look creepy as hell and the way they’re drawn makes your hair stand up on your back. It’s all incredibly well done.


Detention has both a phenomenal sound design and a fantastic soundtrack that helps build an amazing atmosphere from the moment you start playing the game. First of all, let’s talk about the phenomenal sound effects that help build some truly outstanding atmosphere while you’re playing. Wind rustling leaves, pipes leaking and dripping water onto the floor; these types of sounds make you unsettled the entire way through. The soundtrack is also incredibly eerie and will haunt you until the end credits start rolling.


Detention is a point and click adventure game, so you can imagine how the entire thing plays. You pick things up and use them somewhere to advance to another area. Apart from that, there is something that you don’t see in other adventure games. Usually in the area you are in, there’s gonna be a monster that is roaming around and you have to use different tactics to save yourself from its grasp. These range from not looking at these monsters to sometimes having to feed them something in order to be allowed to pass.

A lot of the puzzles are incredibly simple, so you won’t be scratching your head and you’ll be advancing through the game at a quick pace as a result. In the entire game, there are only two puzzles that I can think of that will test your brain, but apart from these, it’s all logical thinking all the way.


Detention is a great horror adventure game. With its creepy setting, fun gameplay, riveting story and multiple endings, I don’t see why you should skip this. The only negative that I can really come up with are the easy puzzles, which don’t really challenge your brain and make the journey through the game rather quick. That said, what is presented is amazing.

This game was provided by the developer/publisher for review purposes.

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