Review- Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux ( Xbox One)

There are times in my gaming life when I just seem to get all of these insanely difficult yet fun games. It’s almost as if I have been eternally cursed to only enjoy playing games that give me the same satisfaction as the Dark Souls series. Fenix Furia was one of those enjoyably hard games. The Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux is coming in right behind Fenix as a game that people need to play on the Xbox One.


The story in this game is something I wasn’t expecting from the way the title screen looked. You know how some games like this will usually have some lame story about the hero saving the world because some jerk stole his lady even though he’s a virgin. While playing Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux, players must stop a demonic presence from being reborn through your stolen baby (Ghostbusters 2!!!). Even though this is a game I still felt connected with the main character since we both have a child. Knowing that I would do anything for my daughter, it would be easy for me to take a journey like this one. The monsters and bosses through the game will add more story as you progress.


Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux brings me back to my childhood arcade in a huge way. This game’s graphics bring back that classic 16-bit style while adding some amazing backgrounds. Raven Travel Studios really made something special to look at in Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux. The one thing I love the most is the fact that this looks like that guy you knew in high school who could draw anything finally went and made a video game. The monsters and bosses are just so cool to look at. It really does make me want to play some Golden Axe at an arcade again.


The music in the game settles in the background. In most games you actually have to turn down the music because it becomes so over bearing during gameplay. With Cast of the Seven it really makes the game enjoyable. The 15 song soundtrack was completely composed by the Rave Travel Studios. Its some great music that I would buy as an actual soundtrack. The effect in this game are just really the basic sounds you would expect to hear in any game like this. The one thing I always think about when reviewing a game is does the music and effect cause me to turn it down. Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux doesn’t force you to change any audio.


The gameplay in Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux is really like those older games from like Golden Axe or Altered Beast. Players will too realize that the game has some of the easiest controls. This game only needs to use two buttons, one to jump and the other to throw weapons.  In this game players will come across Godsends that give the player a special armor set. Each armor uses a different power like poison, ice, or fire. Instead of the normal weapons that you usually throw the armor gives the player something special to use. Holding down the attack button also gives the player the chance to use the armors special. This will eventually cause the armor to disappear so use it wisely. The amount of weapons to use is actually really nice to have. The combinations can be extremely powerful against certain bosses.

The levels can instantly frustrate a player. One wrong step and you have to start all over again if you didn’t make it to a save point. Players of this generation will really miss that good old auto-save feature in newer games. From the start players really don’t get a break in gameplay like most games do. You can pause the game if you really need too. The fact that each level is seamless in gameplay makes for a more enjoyable time since it does take a minute to load up the game. It was one of the more annoying things I found while playing.


I keep getting these awesome games to review each week. Games that are difficult and extremely fun to play. Just like I said for Fenix Furia, I know most people will sadly overlook this game due to the fact that the online stores are constantly being overwhelmed with too many games to play. Cast of Seven Godsends Redux was brought to us by Raven Travel Studios and Merge Games Studios. I just want to thank them both for bringing it to consoles. The game is available on the Xbox One and PS4 for the low price of $6.99. I reviewed the Xbox One version of the game.

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