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Review: Carnage

Everyone knows about Cletus Kasaday and how he became Carnage. In this story series the artist Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins gives us a little new intake on him rather trying to reinvent him. They move more towards the horror aspect. After reading this story it kept me on my seat and wanting more. It paved the way to some gory bloody goodness.

The nature of the character, Cletus Kasady, is a tough character to write. Carnage’s violence is at surface level and not leaving much to work with. Realizing this, Conway takes his time and works on the more tendriled leads, focusing on the ones that drew his anger in the first place. The characters include fellow Symbiote Eddie Brock, former astronaut John Jameson, and the sole survivor of Kasaday’s first murder spree, Manuela Calderon. The first issue was a little slow but when you move forward into the book series, things start to get good and exciting.

Conway does a excellent job laying the ground work for this eventful series that descents into horror territory, offering just enough insight for them to grow. His characterization is clunky at times but with expositional dialogue, the way he works his characters works well in this series. After reading the series it follows a botched attempt to subdue Carnage, as the hunters become the hunted. This book series worked well. It made me think of the movies Descent or Alien.

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