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Review – Burly Men at Sea (PS4) A Charming Set of Fish Stories

Burly Men at Sea is a peculiar title that came across the ethereal surface of my existential wooden desk recently. While I had seen the game before, I had not really looked much into it, so I was able to go in without any preconceived ideas with this game. What I found was a charming adventure that actually inspired me to achievement (trophy) hunt as in doing so, I could see all of the twelve distinct story variations. So, it ended up being a platinum trophy for my digital collection


Story is where it’s at with Burly Men at Sea. Three bearded brothers repeatedly set off in search of adventure on their fishing boat. What they encounter is the stuff of fish story legend, such as being swallowed by a whale or playing games with an animate mountain. To go into much detail would be to compromise the stories for you, but I will say that each unique tale is added to a set of journals being collected by the town’s eldest member.

Just fun and charming while also remaining completely casual.

9 out of 10


Burly Men at Sea is a point and click adventure and so the gameplay is exactly that. click on an item or object you want to interact with and the brothers will head over to examine and/or use it. That is literally all there is to the gameplay in this game as well it should be. It really didn’t need anything else and as a point and click it functioned immaculately.

9 out of 10


The graphics in Burly Men at Sea are subtle, soft colors and a hand drawn or almost watercolor painted quality to it. It is a simple and yet completely pleasing experience visually and the graphics are literal perfection for what the game is going for.

10 out of 10


The audio tracks in Burly Men at Sea are some of the catchiest tracks I’ve heard and are consistently on point and perfect for the theme of the scene. Additionally, the audio tracks are unremittingly quirky and just as pleasing to the ear as could be. They also feature a lot of fun experimentation. I truly enjoyed every moment of this game from an audible standpoint

10 out of 10


Burly Men at Sea is one of those more artistic games you come across every so often that is eminently approachable and fun from start to finish. It’s also an easy achievement/trophy game. All you really need to do is uncover all twelve stories over three story arcs in order to get them all. All told, this is one of the most simple fun and good feelings games I’ve played in a long time. Well worth every gamers time and money in my estimation.

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