Review- Ben-Hur the Game: Achievement Hunters Only (Xbox One)

Ben-Hur is not only coming to movie theaters, it also is a free game that was released this week on the Xbox One. The game features just one thing to do; Chariot racing. The classic movie has been reduced to this one thing that seemingly defines the whole story. Let jump right into my review of Ben-Hur the game for the Xbox One.


In game you play as Ben-Hur, a man falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit.   Ben-Hur was betrayed by his adoptive brother Messala. This betrayal sent him into slavery for the Roman empire. After a period of five years he received an opportunity to redeem himself by beating his adoptive brother in a Chariot race. This is the moment in the story the game takes place. In the game you never really know who your brother is as your racing. All of the characters look the same in their dark outfits. At no point during gameplay are you even mentioned by name, so no real story is ever mentioned. Players just race in a poorly designed arena.


This game is developed using Unity game engine. I think they falsely advertised the use of this engine. During the time I spent play I never once witnessed a moment that looked stunning. With two different studios working on this game ( Float Hybrid and Krome Studios) I know I should have had a better experience. During the races the camera shakes to the point you can’t tell who’s next to you, this can cause some issues when trying to use a whip. Don’t try to say this game looks great, lying to yourself is never healthy.


So in the movie trailer you will notice some intense screaming during the race. Now in the game you may hear some random screaming geared towards you. I’m starting to feel like the Float Hybrid and Krome Studios grabbed a few people from outside their offices and gave them money to yell random things. Ben-Hue will just yell at you even when no other chariot is around you. The music is something you would expect from a game that costs nothing. After playing No Man’s Sky and enjoying that wonderful soundtrack I was extremely pissed about this game. During my time playing the only thing I enjoyed was muting my tv.


Players are to race in a season of chariot racing. That consists of three races with the first being only two laps. The second race goes to three and then four laps. The only ways to win are by finishing first or by destroying the other chariots. One would think that this is the coolest way to play the game. In fact it seems easier to just avoid everyone and cross the finish line first.

Players also receive a whip that can cause damage to the other players. None of that is really fun, you have to smash the A button just to keep up with the other competitors. If you don’t find the right spot that keeps your speed gauge from exhausting the horses then you slow down; unless you just mash the button and it doesn’t really matter.Oh lets not forget the fact you can collect potions to heal your self in the race.

With only an online leaderboard to classify as multiplayer this game is a joke. I would have loved to play this game with longer tracks, better visuals, and online gameplay.


This is absolutely one of the worst games I have ever had the chance to play. It’s the best kind of game for those Achievement Hunters in the Xbox community. The game costs nothing and it won’t take long to sit through to unlock the full 1000 points. The idea of using Ben-Hur in a game could have been something great that people would have enjoyed.

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