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Review: Battle World: Kronos (PS4)

Turn based strategy games can be overwhelming and full of useless gameplay. Battle World: Kronos doesn’t have any of that useless gameplay, including the all important multiplayer. Battle World: Kronos for the PS4 has a price that would have been the one game to buy for turn based fans looking to play on this console. Nordic Games had a difficult time bring this game over to the consoles.

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Battle World Kronos is a turn based strategy game that has players fighting for control of Kronos . Players learn right from the start that this is a televised war, that news anchor is right in your face. I actually just stopped paying attention to the cut scenes in general. A world that shows off war is something we don’t have to look that far or. This type of game usually has better gameplay then a story.


Battle World is that standard turn based game: pick your unit and move it into an appropriate hexagon. If you’re like me and you play these games like they are a console port of Starcraft then you will miss out on helpful tips during the game. The controls are extremely basic – highlight the unit and either move it or use the attack feature. The simple gameplay makes Battle World: Kronos highly repayable even if it doesn’t have multiplayer. I just don’t understand why this game doesn’t have any form of multiplayer or a sandbox mode that just lets you play without being forced into playing missions over.


The voice acting in this game is just something I want to end. Thankfully I have a great set of headphones and got list of music on Spotify that really blocks out any foul noises. In fact, the music is something that drools on in the background over and over again. The one cool feature that will get old is the sounds of each vehicle. The soundtrack of Battle World is not going to be played over and over on some gaming music playlist.


Battle World: Kronos is a Kickstarter funded game that started on mobile and PC platforms. If the game is being ported to a console one would expect something nice to look at. The units all have some cool little look that reminds me more of the original Command and Conquer then a next gen console game. The maps do have a nice water effect, the waves brought me some peaceful vibes as I was being viciously destroyed.


Overall Battle World: Kronos is a basic turn based blob. The simple fact this game has no multiplayer means it should be avoided at almost all cost. The one thing this game does have is the cheap price tag of $19.99. Battle World: Kronos at this moment is not a game I would recommend to the public. With a little touch up and some online or offline multiplayer it could be a great game. Even though I played Battle World: Kronos on the PS4, it is available on the Xbox One for the low price of $19.99.

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