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Review: Accounting+for PSVR

Accounting+ is comedic VR game created by the people behind The Stanley Parable and writer Justin Roiland, who you might know as the guy who created Rick and Morty.


In Accounting+ you are put in the shoes of an accountant who now has a VR headset to help with accounting and then you travel around multiple different VR worlds. This game is not really that story heavy, but it does have a lot of comedic charm. and got quite a few good laughs out of me when I played through it. Each world you encounter different and colorful characters and each of them have incredibly funny dialogue, Justin Roiland just nails the comedy in this game.


Each world in Accounting+ is colorful and is pleasing to look around. They range from offices, courtrooms, a dungeon, an alley, and even more. Each have their distinct tones that are great in their own way. Characters have unique designs, which is awesome, cause the cute designs are deceiving once they start speaking and that’s where the comedy happens.


The audio design in Accounting+ is top notch. First of all the voice acting by Justin Roiland is as great as you expect, but when I was playing the game, I always just saw either Rick or Morty and not the characters Justin portrayed. Other things like music and various sound effects are decent, but nothing too special and memorable.


Accounting+ is a rather simple game and by that I mean there’s barely any gameplay whatsoever. Once the game starts all you can do is interact with the environment and do different things which sometimes give you a response from the characters in that current stage you’re in; stuff like picking something up and throwing it into them. One cool feature is that in some levels, there are hidden exits to different levels into the game and replaying the game multiple times is highly advised to see absolutely everything the game has to offer.

Since the game is so incredibly short, you can squeeze in at least three playthroughs in about two hours. After you see everything however there isn’t much reason to replay the game as those three playthroughs will be enough to see everything the game has to offer.

As stated before the gameplay is really simple. In each level your goal is to power up a VR headset and go deeper into the VR world up until you reach the end. You power up the headsets by performing certain acts, like putting batteries in it and or completing every goal in the given level, but it’s rather simple, so you will not get stuck and move through the game at a fast pace.


Accounting+ is a really good and funny game. The writing is excellent and made me laugh many many times, something most comedic games fail to do. Also messing around in the environments and interacting is incredibly fun, but the really short length lessens the experience for me. However if you have a VR headset this is still definitely a must play.

Note: This game was reviewed with a code provided by the developer/publisher.


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