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Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Free DLC Incoming

Capcom posted a statement on their website regarding free DLC for Resident Evil Umbrella Corps.

Attention all the battle-hardened mercenaries climbing the online ranks of Umbrella Corps. A new zombie-filled map is on the horizon.

This statement was referring to the upcoming free Spencer’s Mansion map, which will be release tomorrow, July 7th, 2016. That’s not all, there is a new map and a new game mode that is still in development which will be free as well. The new map is called Lanshiang, and the new game mode is called 4 Survivors. Lanshiang is set in a town in Resident Evil 6. 4 Survivors is a horde mode. The description reads as followed

With only limited resources and no Zombie Jammer, up to 4 Players compete to be the last to survive. There’s no safety from the creatures lurking in the darkness

 Resident Evil Umbrella Corps - TiCGN  Resident Evil Umbrella Corps - TiCGN  Resident Evil Umbrella Corps - TiCGN


While Resident Evil Umbrella Corps has received poor reviews from the majority of gaming news outlets, I am still holding out hope that the  issueswill be fix and it will be a decent game that we all can enjoy.




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